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11th April 1945

The diplomatic gasoline ration has been cut 60 per cent. The stocks are getting low with communications to the southern regions practically severed. But the transport situation may be only half the reason for the change. It is expected that soon the foreign office will issue a circular requesting diplomats to travel by automobile in the country only with special permission and accompanied by an official representative of the foreign office. At bottom one finds the same rising suspicion of all foreigners. A Thai diplomat got into a violent quarrel the other night in one of the largest Tokyo stations because he was overheard talking in English. A German journalist happened to mention to another German that there was a battery of anti-aircraft guns near his house; the next day he was picked up by the kempei-tai. Even our old maid Kubota has now reached the stage of depression where she talks of girding on a sword when the Americans come and fighting them in the streets. She adds, only half in jest, that she will cut off our heads first because “all you Filipinos are pro-Americans.”