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May 27, 1945 Sunday

We heard Mass. The priest said just a few words, but the message was significant and was deeply appreciated. He said that he regrets to announce that he is leaving and may not be back until after two months. He hopes that by that time we will not be here anymore. He wished us good luck. Some interpret it as a message that we will soon be leaving.

Prisoners like us are such fools. We entertain ourselves with too much wishful thinking. We live on hopes and dreams. Of course, this is the natural result, born out of desperation and of sentimental attachment to family. Rumors spread like wild fire; rumors like the construction of the new camp where we will be transferred has been suspended since it will take over two months to finish and by that time we shall be gone. This news was later confirmed, but the source was not reliable. We pray it is true so that we may be able to embrace our family once more.