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May 28, 1945 Monday

We heard a lot of machine gunning and cannonading. Probably the Americans found the hideout of the remnants of the Japanese Army in Palawan.

We waited a long time for reliable news concerning the shooting on the 25th. I am afraid the truth will never be known. The first version was that the shooting was caused by a love triangle, with Lt. Severance, Dr. Garrulao, and his wife, as the characters in the tragedy. Dr. Garrulao is the pharmacist and chemist of the Iwahig Hospital. It is alleged that there was an amorous relationship between the Lieutenant and Mrs. Garrulao. In a fit of jealousy, Mr. Garrulao took two shots at the Lieutenant. The Lieutenant missed being hit by rolling into the ditch. In trying to disarm him, Dr. Garrulao was hit on the head.

The latest version is that Dr. Garrulao was reported to possess illegally a rifle and two revolvers. These were found in his house and confiscated. The Chief of Police who came to arrest him was met with gunfire. Dr. Garrulao was arrested and locked up in the hospital. Why the hospital? It is rumored that Dr. Garrulao is insane and had to be detained in the hospital.

The real story continues to be a mystery.