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June 3, 1945 Sunday

Heard Mass. Entertainment program was held in the evening. Lt. Severance and many guards were present. We have plenty of elements for an excellent program. The best number was Hypnotism by Dr. Lanuza—Prof. Samari. He put two men to sleep and in their unconscious state he could do anything he wanted with them. He passed a needle through one of the earlobes of one of the men without drawing any blood. He placed the other man’s head on a box and feet on another box. There was nothing to support the body. Prof. Samari then stood on the man’s stomach. The body did not fold or collapse. It seems impossible, but I saw it with my own eyes. Prof. Lanuza said it was not magic—it was science.

For the first time we were allowed to go to the public plaza of the Colony to play games. I practiced a little basketball and baseball. We felt like birds that escaped from their cages. How we wished we did not have to return to the cages where our tears fall freely, thinking of our disappointment in America, remembering the dear ones who did not even know where we were and from whom we have not heard since our departure from Manila. This is even more cruel than physical torture.