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June 10, 1945 Sunday

Dr. Evangelista came with the information that Dr. Bunye had arrived from Manila with many letters and lots of news. Everyone of us became restless. We were dying for the arrival of Lieutenant Bunye. You cannot imagine how very anxious we all were. He greeted us with all smiles. He pulled many envelopes from his pockets. One by one my companions received letters. I could no longer hold back; I interrupted Dr. Bunye to ask him whether I had any. He said no. I broke into tears. Dr. Bunye, seeing my pain, immediately added that he saw my entire family and that he talked with my son-in-law Paddy who is his friend and old companion. He said my whole family is well. My wife is much heavier than when she had just arrived from Baguio. All my children are in good health. Tony and Menchu, who I especially asked about, were in perfect health. The family of Paddy was also in excellent condition. They all asked many questions about me: how my health is, whether I eat much and what I eat, whether I had sufficient clothes—all details concerning my health and welfare. Dr. Bunye explained that he left Manila suddenly and that was the reason why my family was not able to give him any letter for me. I was very much disappointed; I cried like a child. However, I felt relieved to know that they are in good health and that they are being adequately taken care of. I do not have to worry about them. But just the same, I cannot stop worrying until I hear from them. I am a family man. I enjoy being with my wife and children. This separation is very painful.