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June 23, 1945 Saturday

Stock prices receded today. It is said that the Colonel said what he said only to secure our wholehearted cooperation for the success of his administration. Some reported that similar assurance was given in other camps. I do not agree with them. I think the Colonel sincerely believes that we will soon be released, probably because he had studied our cases and he is convinced that there is no sufficient justification for our imprisonment, or because he knows of some facts upon which he has based his opinion.

Our stock is up again. A lieutenant (Filipino) of the Signal Corps, U.S. Army, came and told us that in Manila public opinion is very much in our favor. Gen. Francisco’s wife wrote him that we will soon be released. She did not say upon what she based her opinion.

In the international front, newspapers report that Okinawa has been conquered in its entirety. In the Philippines, it is reported that Aparri was taken, meaning that the Cagayan Valley has been overrun by the Americans. It is believed that the war will soon end.