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August 8, 1945, Wednesday

We learned of the defeat of Premier Churchill of Great Britain by Clement Attlee, a Laborite. Politics is certainly a most ungrateful game. It was Churchill who saved Britain. If it were not for his indomitable spirit, his determined will to fight, Britain might have succumbed. But people or the electorate is fickle. The same thing happened to great Clemenceau of France after the First World War. Wilson died disappointed because the United State Senate turned down his League of Nations.

But I give a more important significance to the victory of Laborite Attlee. I consider it the triumph of Sovietism. It is the Russian ideals surging and spreading. Almost the whole of Europe now is under its influence. Capitalism must do something to arrest the rapid propagation of Communism. To me the only panacea is to embrace radicalism in the proper sense. The capitalistic system shall be retained, but it must be so controlled and regulated by the State so that at the same time that many get rich, there will be no poor, no suffering discontented masses. Each one willing to strive must be able to acquire properties — a suitable area of land, or an income which shall assure him of a decent living. He must have sufficient food to eat, a habitable shelter, funds to give proper education to his children, and a little something for entertainment. I stand upon this idealism and I shall fight for it.