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August 28, 1945, Tuesday

Our life within this prison is very monotonous. We do the same thing and see the same things everyday. Once in a while, however, there is great excitement. This is due to occasional fights among the internees. Yesterday, one whom we call Mike and the young boy internee fought and the former emerged from the fight with a broken nose. Today, Spaniard Gil had a scrap with a couple of internees. Gil suffered various contusions on the body. I think the fights are caused by restlessness; we have very little to do now and we are always in a nervous state because of our situation.

The construction of the new camp had definitely been suspended. This is undoubtedly due to the fact that soon we will be leaving this place.

We are still here. The delay in our departure is probably caused by the postponement of the signing of the surrender document from Friday to Sunday, September 2. Bad weather affected the preparation for the landing in Japan by American troops. The document is scheduled to be signed on board the dreadnought Missouri.

The delay was also due to lack of transportation. There are too many of us to go by plane. And there is yet no boat passing through Puerto Princesa. The Mactan expected here left Manila on the 26th and it has to pass through various other ports. At any rate, we expect to be out of this place by next week.