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February 21, 1950

Mr. P.V. Gonzale (Nate’s local agent) took me to the government-owned cotton mill, where the Manager showed us over the place. (I took Nathan, E.C.A. Economist with me). 17,000 spindles; 105 looms. Saco-Lowell equipment for preparatory and spinning; Crompton and Knowles and Draper looms. Completely integrated including dying, bleaching and printing. 10’s, 12’s, 16’s, 20’s and 30’s yarns. Machinery old. It looked to me as if the place was doing pretty well with the equipment it has. Lunch at Bonnie Liu Sycip’s pretty little house. She was very proud to show it to me. We had a good talk fest about mutual friends. Alexander came in after lunch. Dined at K. Huang’s house. Mike and Louise Arnold were there. 16 other guests, Chinese and Filipino. Good Chinese food, but I missed two courses: a shrimp dish and a crab dish.