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January 31, 1969 — Friday

Had a better night last night. I woke up at 5 a.m. Worked on papers until 6 a.m. Listened to the D.Z.M.T. news and to Valencia’s remarks.

What surprises me is that neither Mr. Teodoro Valencia nor any other member of the press has come out openly with the statement that this student unrest and misbehavior is communist inspired and triggered. It is the same pattern all over the world. The underground communist work is very effective. They have sent trained persons to speak to the student class. The students are easy to convince and stimulate them to do acts of violence.

Of course, I admit that some complaints are well-based but the students did not have to go to the point of breaking windows and chairs. There is no more peace and order and the government seems impotent to stop these mass rallies. Let us pray, that God may illuminate all.