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Tuesday, February 3, 1970

Office of the President

of the Philippines


February 3, 1970

12:30 AM

The threat to turn the funerals of the four dead students into a mass rally has failed so far as the parents of the victims refused to allow the dead bodies to be further utilized to inflame the youth.

There is comparative quiet although there was a scare of the students entering and burning the fashionable villages of Forbes Park, Urdaneta, Magallanes, etc, and the rich residents have evacuated. As Teddy Locsin said quoting the good book “The guilty flee where no one pursueth while the innocent are bold as a lion.

With the statements of the young student leader Villalon and the former CIS chief Joe Maristela, I am now convinced that the Liberals have planned and organized these demonstrations in preparation for an alleged revolution.

We must unmask these would be anarchists hiding behind children.

And now Ninoy Aquino, Manny Pelaez and even Doy Laurel have started to discredit the Armed Forces. They delivered their privilege speeches yesterday.