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February 13, 1970, Friday

Office of the President

of the Philippines


February 13, 1970


12:35 AM

Col. Ver reports that de Leon has just come back from Samar where the men of Osmeña numbering about 300 are training with an American among them. We must find out if this is Larry Trackman. De Leon brought two samples of home made bombs – beer bottles with gun powder and a fuse.

We must track down these training camps and eradicate them.

Met with Father Blanco, the revolutionary priest. He seemed impressed with the crash program of employment with me calling the 600 biggest employers in the Manila area and asking them to take five to ten unemployed – then the housing program in Tondo, Tala Leprosarium, Sapang Palay, Carmona, San Pedro Tunasan; the free trade zone and the sale of essential commodities without payment of tariff or tax if necessary; the agro-industrial estates and the Magalang project under a private foundation, the Filipinas Foundation of the Ayalas.

Have asked Sec. Melchor to start the housing project immediately with the DBP, PNB, GSIS and SSS contributing one million pesos each.

Hope to be able to visit some community projects soon.