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February 16, 1970, Monday

Office of the President

of the Philippines


February 16, 1970


12:10 AM

Spent practically the whole day attending to the problems of the Tondo foreshoreland  slum dwellers. They ask for the land reclaimed from the sea at North Harbor. Last year I gave ₱350,000 to the Bureau of Lands in their presence to spend for the survey and subdivision of the land into residential lots excluding the customs area and land set aside for roads, parks and recreational facilities which they now wish to do away with.

I have given them the responsibility of deciding the conflicting claims and the problems of more than 5,000 applicants to only 3,000 lots if the parks, roads and recreational facilities are included as residential land. And I explained the program of housing (requesting that if it is necessary to accommodate several families in one lot they should agree to condominiums in three or two storey apartments), education through the foster-parent plan of businessmen and employment.

Met with the business leaders on the Tondo problem of housing, education and employment.

Then talked to the Blue Ladies on the capabilities of government to protect them and what government is doing to bring about change.

Asked Enriquito Zobel in the businessman’s meeting to hurry up the Magalang project of the Filipinas Foundation.