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February 21, 1970 Saturday

Office of the President

of the Philippines


February 21, 1970


2:00 AM

Signed the Monetary Board Resolution for the new monetary stabilization measures.

Interview by Nick Joaquin of the Free Press, with Teddy Boy Locsin. Then by Kalb of CBS of the U.S.. Met with Raschid Lucman and Princess Tarhata who were brought by Cong. Bert Sabido with Ricardo de la Fuente.

The rally in the U.S. Embassy was quiet – there were more security men in the rally (in civilian clothes) than demonstrators. The demonstrators are losing their steam.

Nori Pobaldor says the people are now in sympathy with me. Even Ex-Justice Alex Reyes says I have been making the right decisions – and that a little more destruction and vandalism and I can do anything.

The same thing is said by the ambassadors of the Latin American countries. They are all for a dictator coming out of this confusion, though.

Father Calle and his like!

We must await the Feb. 28th demonstration.

There was hysteria, crying and anguish among the women in Ermita when the rumor was spread that the demonstrators were out to burn the district.