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May 3, 1970


10:25 PM

Aboard the 777
May 3, 1970

Have just issued the statement in Puerto Princesa that the operations of the South Vietnamese and American troops against the Vietcong and Vietminh in Cambodia is not an invasion but a measure of self-protection which any commander in the field would take given the situation of the privileged sanctuary of supply depots, arms and ammo factories, communications and headquarters from which the Vietcong and Vietminh continuously stage repeated attacks. I suppose it will make the headlines tomorrow.

Ambassador Byroade says tonight that the American bombers (100 of them) have bombed North Vietnam missile and anti-aircraft sites. They should have done this a long time ago.

The damage in Cambodia must have been terrific because the enemy did not expect it and their installations are all on surface. I presume their anti-aircraft is not as sophisticated as in North Vietnam.

If the supplies from Cambodia are cut, the Vietcong and Vietminh fighting in South Vietnam will be greatly weakened.

Nixon is under attack from some of the U.S. congressional leaders but he did the right thing and if he pushes it through, he may become a great President because it is just possible that if Red China reacts violently and starts war, that may be the end of Red China. I believe Russia will keep quiet about it and let Red China stew in her own sauce.

The decision of Nixon will strengthen the free nations of Asia and weaken the home-grown communists who have been encouraged by the wishy-washy American policy.

The countries in the Chinese mainland are the ones who must be cheering the most specially Laos, Burma, Thailand, Malaysia and Korea (of course Cambodia).

We reached Puerto Princesa at 3:00 PM sharp. We had left off Ambassador Byroade in the lifeboat and guarded by the destroyer escort at the entrance to the bay at 2:00 PM. He came back at 5:30. He or rather Mrs. Cecille Locsin caught a spanish mackerel which was cooked as kilawin for dinner.

Cast off at 7:00 PM for Ursula. I have asked everybody to go to bed at 10:00 PM so we can wake them up at 4:00 AM, give them 30 minutes to dress up, start ship to shore movement at 4:30 and be on the beach for the 5:20 sunrise and the waking up and departure of the birds.