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November 30, 1970 Monday


6:50 PM

November 30. 1970

I write this as I stay by Imelda who is in bed in our bedroom as she is feeling sick.

We are trying to call up Col. Los Baños, the military attaché in London, so we can tell him to allow Bongbong to come home by plane alone but to inform the embassies on the way to watch for him. He may be coming from London on the 10th with the Zobel boys by Quantas which has a direct flight to the Philippines and Australia.

And I am trying to call Bobby Benedicto. I have talked to him to rib him about his cable. He informs me that the interrogation of Mendoza was shown over TV in New York which is incidentally very cold. Mendoza said it was President Marcos who parried his thrusts with his kris-dagger and who prevented him from killing the Pope.

Met Mr. D.G.H. Rowlands of Thompson Foundation of England. He is the editorial studies director.

Signed the pardons for prisoners as I promised the Pope. And I have ordered that the prisoners penalized with imprisonment of not more than 5 years be kept in the provinces with expenses to be divided between the national and the provincial governments.

Am working on the recovery programs, the legislative proposals and the new development projects.