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January 16, 1971 Saturday


11:00 PM

January 16, 1971

I met with all the leaders of organized labor with 27 federation heads present. They committed themselves to the unrelenting fight against the oligarchs, the freezing of regular gasoline prices even if premium gas is increased, the lowering of Meralco rates which were increased by the Public Service Commission headed by Com. Medina, the dismantling of monopolies, combinations and cartels that control prices, the passage of a strong anti-trust law and the review of franchises that give special privileges and more social justice legislation.

But they asked everyone, including myself, that there be a common pledge of no withdrawal from the fight. “Patayin ang umurong!” Which we did solemnly.

Now we tie up all the farmers’ organizations and the Socialist Party under Lacsina.

The Acting Chairman of the group was Roberto Oca, President of the Pinagbuklod na Manggagawa g Pilipinas and the Acting Secretary, Tony Policarpio the Vice President of Atty. Lerum in the Cipriano Cid was represented by Atty. Israel Bocobo.

The labor leaders left Malacañang to meet outside so that it may not be said that they were herded and dictated to in Malacanang. Then they returned to present the resolution to me.

I attach the resolutions of the labor leaders.

After a conference with Justice Antonio Barredo, former Solicitor General who handled the increase of Meralco fares for the government, with Sol. Gen. Felix Antonio and Sec. of Justice Vicente Abad Santos, as well as Solicitor who is handling the case now, we have decided that Com. Evangelista will order the Auditor General to look into the books of Meralco to determine their income under the increased rates, then on the basis of the new facts and the fact now discovered by me (from Justice Barredo) that the motion for reconsideration was never tried by the Public Service Commission en banc and therefore cannot be appealable, the Public Service Commission will ask the Supreme Court to which the increase was appealed, to allow the Public Service Commission to reassess the rates anew.

Also met the CAA squatters who came to Malacañang to reaffirm their support for me in the fight against the oligarchs.

I attach pictures of these.