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January 26, 1971 Tuesday


11:10 PM

January 26, 1971

Had the governors and city mayors for lunch at the State Dining room.

In my speech I spoke of the brotherhood between all Filipinos during the euphoria of independence in 1946; how that brotherhood was lost by the materialism of the next twenty five years and how we must again reestablish it.

But there has been no rallying cause for the majority of our people who desire for such a brotherhood and unity. Now the rallying cause is the Democratic Revolution.

My voice alone is weak. But you must spread this gospel. For you are the men who are in actual touch with the people.

Let us give the Democratic Revolution validity with our acts.

In the dinner we tendered for the leaders of the pro-administration demonstrators, I repeated the same thing.

I commended them all. Bert Oca and Tony Policarpio of the Pinagbuklod, Poly Cayetano of the Chamber of Retailers and market vendors, Ali Dimaporo and his Muslims, Uging Navarro and his Mindanawenos, Miling Barbero and his Abraeños, Lucas Canton and his locos Sur boys, Joe Aspiras and Titing Ortega as well as Tancred Guray with the La Union boys, Condring Estrella and the Pangasinanses, the Tarlac boys under Tony Diaz although actually Danding Cojuangco was the leader, the Pampangueños under Gov. Nepomuceno, the Bulacan delegation under Gov. Santiago, Nueva Viscaya under Leone Perez, then the veterans under Marking, Frisco San Juan, Simeon Medalla, the Metrocom under Gen. Ordoñez, the Marine Batallion under newly promoted Col. Brown, the Tabak Batallion under newly promoted Col. dela Cruz, the Navy and Air Force – the evacuation by helicopter under newly promoted Col. Lapena, Com. Edu, Luis Illera, Guimo de Vega, Romy Diaz and Malang.

The morale is high and they all say, “Let us do it again.”

Igor Pa________ the Russian tagalista studying in the UP confidentially told Cong. Barbero: “The only true revolutionary here is Marcos. No revolution will succeed here as the rebels have no organization, no rallying cause and no leader and above all they have not been able to neutralize or demoralize the Armed Forces.”

Apparently he is watching my own revolution.