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January 4, 1972 Tuesday


6:50 PM

January 4, 1972

Have been so weakened by continuous bowel movement that my voice is falsetto. I noticed lack of coordination of my muscles even of the tongue, very lightheaded feeling and drowsiness as well as heaviness of the body.

So I have been put on saturated carbon in capsules, paregoric, soda mint and on kaopectate. This has stopped the diarrhea.

And I cannot eat too much.

Blood examination this morning indicated low potassium (only 3 when normal is 3.5 to 5.5) due to elimination of potassium through the bowels. So I am taking liquid potassium and bananas.

The doctors say that this is the cause of my symptoms of body weakness.

Am much better tonight but still slightly weak. My left foot is still swollen and I cannot step on it with my full weight. So I am still using crutches. I said that I have an infected ingrown toe nail.

Met the generals both retiring and to be retained at 10:00 A.M.; inducted Sec. Juan Ponce Enrile to office as Secretary of National Defense.

We agreed to work out the plans

  1. For the reorganization of the AFP and the Defense Dept.
  2. Finally rectify the deficiencies in
    1. Intelligence
    2. Communications
    3. Transport

3. Obtain or produce patrol craft, for the Navy, Air Force and PC. The Navy will start receiving the 65-footer 25 knots speed PT’s from the US under Map this month. We will produce the hull; the Air Force will use the amphibious S-16; and the PC motorized bancas.

4. Prepare a shopping list for surplus items that we may get from the US surplus depots. According to USec. Manuel Salientes he has been able to get an informal acceptance by some unknown persons supposedly close to the administration for our buying $50 million worth of suprlus items payable at 6% of book value and paying a 4% commission. A little underhanded. But if this is the only way we can protect our country we will close our eyes to the questionable methods used to procure these defense items.

We will not only meet the deficiencies in item 2 but also build up our capabilities in aircraft manufacture and ship building.

5. Procure some 3 systems of Gabril missile including the boots for each at a cost of $8 million per system.

Imelda has gone to Leyte by plane to join the children. They come back tomorrow.

Talked to her by radio (SSB) and she says it is raining cats and dogs in Leyte. They had difficulty landing. I advised them to come back by boar if it continues raining.