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June 27, 1972 Tuesday

6:35 PM


June 27, 1972

Malacañan Palace


Am suffering from pain on the right foot (the right side of the ball) and I limp when I walk. Although I have loose bowel movement and a little nausea I have had to take colchicines and butapulidine.

It subsided in the afternoon. But I have been advised to keep my weight off my feet.

Col. Mannor Jimenez has seen me this morning and tonight to tell me that Delegate Quintero wishes to get out of the country for good to stay in Japan. As Nick Jimenez put it in Pasacao last Saturday he makes to raise the white flag. I have asked him to say nothing but the truth to the effect that we (Imelda and I) had told him we had not authorized anyone to give money to the delegates.

But apparently the activists are watching him and a certain Teresa Nieva told Mrs. Tarsila Quintero not to allow Delegate Quintero to lose heart, this afternoon. So Nick had to send his brother Ramon to Quintero to avoid surveillance, But he (Nick) will see Quintero tomorrow at 1:30 PM and see me at 4:00 PM.

Ely Pamatong, an alleged youth leader wrote the Committee on Privileges of the Concon that he was aware of the “Payola” revealed by Delegate Quintero as he belonged to the group under Dr. Guino de Vega as a Technical Assistant to the office of the President. And that he was asked to deliver two envelopes full of money to Delegates Yaneza and Durant but he refused although several days later, these two delegate received the envelopes from Dr. De Vega in his office.

He was the leader of Stream while does not have a following, was Technical Assistant until he was dismissed June 1st for not reporting to the office. He is a blackmailer.

Apparently he has been induced to fabricate evidence by Concon Pres. Macapagal who tried to have another man to sign a similar affidavit.

I may see Chino Roces on his birthday on the 29th. Executive Secretary Alex Melchor is preparing the meeting.