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July 16, 1972, Sunday

July 16, 1972



Malacañan Palace


Bongbong arrived from London at five minutes to eight tonight by PAL with Lord Headfort of Ireland, the prospective husband of Nena Nable and a rich member of the House of Lords of England being one of the five Marquises (The rankings are Prince, Duke, Marquis, Count, Viscount, Earl etc ????).

Sec. of National Defense J. Ponce Enrile reports after coming from Diguyo, Palanan and the first NPA camp that the NPA’s most probably succeeded in fleeing with more guns that we captured and the worse part is that in the NPA camp the boxes for rocket launchers were found but the contents had been apparently brought by the retreating NPA’s. This (not readable) more serious and massive attacks on convoys, installations and perhaps urban centers.

One of the disturbing funds is large dry batteries, possibly mortars and according to Gomez who has a plane and actually saw the unloading of Karagatan, a wheeled gun (possibly a mountain gun or a mortar) was unloaded in Divinisa.

So I have ordered the Ysmael road from Maddela as well as the Saur-Dingalan road to be closed so that no heavy equipment can be brought out.

In the meantime the sweep of the area starts tomorrow from Dingalan.

Some of the M-14 rifles were brought in by Gen. Rancudo tonight. We went to Base Operations to see them. They have only the markings M-14 with some kind of serial number but no manufacturers mark or country of origin.

Two months ago there was an intelligence report of a big shipment of arms from Amsterdam and some of the pulley to bring the heavy equipment across the (not readable) were discovered. They are made in Norway.

Lt. Bautista of the UOU recovered 24 were M-14 rifles in the sea at (not readable) at 12 (not readable). They were wrapped in preservative oil or grease. They could not recover the others (including ammo boxes) because there were sharks around.

Commander Pusa has started to attack AFP installations in Capas, Concepcion and other towns in Tarlac. Apparently a diversion to keep troops from (not readable) & attack reports.