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July 19, 1972 Wednesday

11:35 PM

July 19, 1972


Malacañan Palace


We have one of the worst floods in years. Almost all of Western Luzon is under water. While Typhoon Gloring is leaving to the NE (1,500 kms. away) and merely skirted the Philippines sucking in the SW monsoon causing the precipitation, there is a new Typhoon (Phylles is the international name for Gloring and the new typhoon is named Tess) also about 1,500 kms. east of Phylles of Gloring. So we expect the rain to continue.

Our helicopters flew rescue and relief missions following the national highway. But visibility is zero and the Clark Field helicopters did not fly.

Even trucks could not move because some parts of the road like Carmen, Rosales and Dumalupihan are under four feet of water.

Malacañan is under water. The Heroes Hall and the entrance are under one foot of water.

I attach the reports.

Even Mandaue Tatyana Nikolaeva had to ride in a Sierra Lakes cowby to come to the palace for a courtesy call and for lunch.

As of now 166 are dead from the flood and all our rice plantings are a complete loss in Central Luzon the rice granary.