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July 31, 1972 Monday

10:25 PM

July 31, 1972


Malacañan Palace


The stolen Sto. Niño of Tondo was found today by Imelda through Lulu Tinio, Tart Pascual.

One of the robbers, (a tough known killer and one of the Parunga brothers from Macabebe, Pampanga) had offered the head, hands and feet of the Sto. Niño to Dr. Tart Pascual’s manager, Tammy , also of Cavite for P2,800. Tammy thou called Lulu Tinio who asked Imelda to go and see the specimens for sale.

The bishop and father (Bishop Paulino and Father Lorenzo Egos parish priest of Tondo identified the specimens at about 7:00 PM first in the receptive hall, then in the Music Room.

Shades of Lourdes and Father Pio!! – the people of Cavite talk of a crab found in that province with the image of the lost Sto. Niño in the inside of the crab shell Paeng Yabut picked this up in his radio commentary and appealed for the return of the Sto. Niño.

So does Mayor Bagatsing who strongly feel with some people that the loss of the Sto. Niño of Tondo is the cause of the floods and rain.