August 15, 1972 Tuesday

PAGE 2256

Aug 15th (Con’t)

Malacañan Palace


The story spread that I was shot in Manila Golf Course this morning. Apparently the warning for me not to go out today was based on the knowledge of some attempt to be wade.

But I sent Vice Pres. Lopez to the Q.C. Quezon birthday anniversary celebration instead.

The indications are that the plot of causation in which Larry Trachman, Sergio Osmeña (the governor [two (not readable) and claiming to be Tour (Pacific) already identified are using cars registered in his name) point to the Vice President as a co-conspirator or financier.

At 12:00 – 1:00 PM I hammered out the agreement with the Greater Manila local execution to fund the Flood Control, Sewage, Health, Street Rehabilitation and Refuse Disposal program.

Dictated the orders for the reassessment of the of the defense plans and AFP plans against subversion on the new conceptions that the CCP and NPA have been able to smuggle in at least 2,000 M-14.

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