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September 5, 1972 Tuesday


10:50 PM

Sept. 5, 1972


NBC interview on Tasaday settlement and the new baby.

Closed the Malacañan Hospital for the calamity formally. Most doctors are from the V. Luna. Others are supposed to go to Vietnam. But I just stopped the sending of a Philcan to Vietnam.

Taught Irene how to use an Olympus automatic still camera and a Fujiya Super 8 movie camera. In the golf course, the dogs and horses.

Express photographers are to take a pictorial for my birthday. Early morning heavy thinking in pajamas and lounging robe, exercising on the running platform, rowing machine, stationary bicycle –with Bongbong, Irene calling us to lunch, tickling my ear with a. , recovering a painting and singing at the piano with Imelda; preparing the three books: 1. Modern Theories in Revolutionary Warfare; 2. The Dilemma of the Third World; 3. The History and Future of Asia.

Conference with Gen. Ver and others on contingency plans. I place Gen. Espino [&] Sec. Ponce Enrile’s report in Envelope XXXIV-U

The Pomeroy article on Phil. Maoists [   ] Sen. Aquino is helping organize the NPA, Lopezes and Roces helping the Maoists with [     ] and propaganda, the participation of the [    ] Brothers up to the printing of the Maoist paper “Ang Bayan” ; the Manglapus [  ] Socialist Movement — is an eye opener in the same envelope.