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September 7, 1972, Thursday

9:10 PM

Sept. 7, 1972



Contingency Plans —

National Level

City of Manila Level

USAFIP, NL — the first greeters in this year’s birthday.

They came to see me at 1:00 PM after all the visitors and gave me five books, three of Marcuse, one of The Kennedy Legacy by Sorensen.

In the morning I met with Mayor Bagatsing with his Chief of Police, Gen. Tamayo, Deputy Chief, Col. Barbers, Col. Montoya,  CO of the Metrocom, Dir. Deleña and Com. Aquino as well as Deputy Com. Agcaoili of the Budget Commission.

The police will in the event of a contingency attend to what may be merely a local peace and order problem, but the moment there is street fighting the police leave the streets and allow the Metrocom and Gen. Ver’s forces to engage the enemy.

This will prevent mistake encounters between our own men and forces as happened in Malaysia and even now in Ireland.

Sec. Ponce Enrile has just called me up to tell me that Sen. Aquino has asked to see him tonight on a matter of the highest urgency and of national importance.

I asked him to take security measures and to meet him only at a place of his choosing as Aquino is treacherous.

This afternoon I spent in finishing all papers needed for a possible proclamation of martial law, just in case it is necessary to do so.