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September 9, 1972, Saturday

12:35 PM

Sept. 9, 1972



Calamity Workers Golf Tournament–

Bongbong arrived early this morning at about 3:40 AM from his date with the Veloso girls (he has been frank with me about what he does on his dates).

We slept with Irene at her room, putting the two beds in her room together, because she cannot sleep in our room.

Then brought Irene to the airport to take the KLM jumbo jet for Amsterdam and London at 5:00. Lucy accompanied her. Alberting and Cobadouga Romulo were in the same plane. Dits Adriano took the plane too, apparently to accompany her.

Sec. Ponce Enrile and I finished the material for any possible proclamation of martial law. 6:00-7:30 PM. Then TV-Radio interview by KBS, Rey Pedrahe and Emil Jurado 8-9:00 PM.

Interview by the Daily Express. Morita Manuel, Tibo Mijares and George.

Dinner while viewing our basketball team being trounced by Russia. Some of the Russians are 7 ft 1½ inches tall. Our tallest, Mariano, is 6’4″.

Then conferred with Bueno.

And movies with the guests at the State Dining Room to assuage us in our loneliness as we miss Irene, and Bongbong is out on a date with a Cecilia Revilla.