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Tuesday, September 12, 1972

The proceedings were uninspiring. We just had to resort to regaling ourselves with jokes.

“Listen to this,” Romy Capulong grinned. “Do you know that during the voting on the ban-dynasty resolution, Bobby Verzola was at the canteen’s balcony peeping through the door during much of the nominal voting, and then shutting the door the moment his name was about to be called? Again, in the second round, he shut the door before his name was called. This went on three times. He was hiding.”

We laughed. This is probably the price one must pay for violating one’s conscience? Bobby had from the very beginning represented himself as a progressive and yet in this particular issue he would not come out because he dared not offend Marcos. Very disappointing! But then, how can anyone really be judgmental on this? Let him who is without sin among us cast the first stone!