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Sunday, October 8, 1972

Strolling at the Rizal Park this evening, I met Prof. Fred Morales. He told me how the military had burst into the Political Science Department of the UP and ransacked what they thought was the desk of Prof. Francisco (Dodong) Nemenzo. The papers were all over the place. Apparently, however, they searched the wrong desk; the desk was that of Prof. Emy Arcellana’s.

So that was why Emy did not seem like her usual self last week when we were guest speakers at the United Nations Association of the Philippines!

Mrs. Morales suggested that I should readily accept normal speaking engagements because this was one way of showing non-complicity with subversives. This would indicate I was not in hiding.

This was a sound advice. But why all these manifestations of concern for my safety? Has the word spread around that I would be arrested? How? Why?