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October 13, 1972

11:00 PM

Oct. 13, 1972


Malacañan Palace


All quiet despite rumors of a suicide attempt to hold a demonstration or even attempt to assassinate both Sec. Ponce Enrile and me.

Awarded the Sikatuna (Datu) to the ambassadress of Brazil, Zilah Mafra Peixoto as she is leaving Monday for reassignment.

Then the German TV took shots of Imelda and me on the reservation of the Tasadays in Cotobato del Sur.

Ting Paterno and Chairman Pons Mathay reported.

And finally met with the Mindanao leaders led by Sen. E. Pelaez and Tamano, Cons. Pendatun and Dimaporo, Govs. Cajelo and Tarhata Alonto Lucman and Abraham and Mayors Cabili and Omar Dianalan.

Tonight I checked on the Committee on Land Reform, Secs. Manuel and Bong Tanco.