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October 15, 1972

12:50 PM

Oct. 15, 1972


Malacañan Palace


Spent the whole day from noon to midnight in the boat. Had a two hour nap after lunch and finished four books on Nehru, Nasser, Indo China and some histories.

Quite a relief from the routine of the palace. And the moldy decaying air replaced by the fresh ocean breeze.

This morning Gen. Ver called up from the home of Cong. Pendatun in Cotobato City to inform me that they might not be able to return today as they would like to pick up the Alontos in Lanao as well as the other Moslem leaders other than Ex-Gov. Udtog Matalam, Datu Kudanding, the Sangki brothers, Abdullah and Balacat as we all Abdullah’s son. So I will wait for them tomorrow.

My impression of Nehru and Nasser was that they belong to the improvising leaders like Quezon and Osmeña to whom we ascribe many of our present day problems.