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October 18, 1972


Oct. 18, 1972


Malacañan Palace


Yesterday I was informed Pres. Park Chung Hee of Korea placed South Korea under martial law since 6:00 PM.

Ex-Foreign Minister Kiichi Aichi, personal representative of Prime Minister Tanaka of Japan arrived yesterday and conferred with me on the Japan-People’s Republic of China normalization of diplomatic relations, this morning.

I emphasized the security aspect more than the economic aspect. Since the agreement is similar to the U.S.-Red China communique in that it considers the question of Taiwan internal to China to be decided between Red China and Nationalist China,  Taiwan would probably become a part of Red China and be our next door neighbor. Red China like Nationalist China would then claim the Spratley Islands and further raise a source of quarrel with the Philippines.

I asked Japan to support our position that the Spratley Islands are Trust Territories and that Taiwan should be defended by American Forces in force is used by Red China to settle the question.

I attach my notes.

Interviewed by Hayward of the Christian Science Monitor. Then met the sugar planters and millers who were up in arms against Ex-Sec. Alfredo Montelibano for illegal exactions of two pesos allegedly for lobby in the US and ConCon.

I created the Sugar Commission.

Met the Cotabato leaders, Datu Kudanding, Abdullah Sangki brough by Datu Akulan, mayor of Maginog.