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October 22, 1972

12:25 PM

Oct. 22, 1972


Malacañan Palace


Ambassador Urabe was able to move out of the PSU where they were practically kept hostages by the Muslim rebels. He arrived in Manila at 4:10 PM and saw me at 5:00 PM to explain what he saw and what had happened.

I just talked to Gen. Ramos, Gen. Encarnacion and Lancaf Task Force Commander Col. Zafra by SSB. Attached list of request.

It turns out the rebels are followers of the former Chief of Police dismissed by Mayor Omar Dianalan, Zakar and a former BIR man also dismissed for being notoriously undesirable. They both have 200 men each.

They sought to isolate Marawi City by taking Pantar Bridge over the Agos River and burning the wooden portion. Then they took the MSU radio and sought to rally the people to their side. But the people did not respond because the mayors who had just seen me in Malacañan dissuaded the people from joining the rebels. And the swift retaliatory action by our reinforcements employing mortars and the recoil-less rifles — the 106 and 3.5 mm (the latter were first employed by the marine company in Pantar bridge when the rebels in full force blocked the road with two panel wagons. The marines suffered five WIA in that encounter.

The rebels attacked Marawi and the surrounded PC Prov. Hq. at 4:00 AM and 8:00 AM this morning. They were repulsed again.

As of tonight there is still sporadic firing and another attack is expected. We are sending two more companies tomorrow. And this includes one company from the PSC –the Special Forces company of 100 officers and men.

Our troops have actually suffered three KIA, 2 MIA and 7 WIA while the enemy has suffered 50-60 KIA, the bodies still lying in front of the PC Hq.

I have ordered all the rebels who participated in the attack to be accounted for dead or alive.

Any sign of weakness will be exploited by the rebels and their protectors.

The Japanese Recovery Team for the Japanese straggler in Lubang Island arrived this afternoon at 2:30 PM with 42 Japanese correspondents. They were ferried by C-47 and will be supported by heli tomorrow when the brother of the survivor Lt. Ouada will try to locate him and drop leaflets as well as appeal to him by loudspeaker.

The Japanese correspondents will probably be interested in the escape of the Japanese ambassador from Marawi now.