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October 24, 1972

11:40 PM

Oct. 24, 1972


Malacañan Palace


There is still sporadic firing in Marawi but the two additional companies including our PSC Special Forces company formerly assigned to Salvador and Malabang, Lanao del Norte are there. Even the two APC’s in the last two towns have been ordered moved to Lanao del Sur but the two half-tracks armored cars taken from Cebu (Lulu’s farm) are being sent to replace them.

Frankie Teodoro reported tonight that a son of one of his executives was asked to participate in another assassination plot against me by a group of six students from PCC, UP and MLQ who were showing off their firearms in a safehouse in Project 4.

I have assigned Gen. Ver to look into it.

This confirms the report of students preparing to show off during the period from the 25th to the 30th.

I have alerted Sec. Ponce Enrile, General Ramos and Montoya.

I believe, however, that our security of the city is ready and the radicals have lost heart. They have suffered too many casualties.

Warned Cong. Indaman Anni of Sulu that he is incriminated by the Chinese who have been caught manufacturing and selling heroin. He denied the charge, of course.

Worked on the Phil. Sugar Institute with Cong. Eduardo Cojuangco, Luguriaga and Sugar Quota Adm. Jose Unson.

The last informed me that the one peso that Ex. Sec. Alfredo Montelibano is collecting from the sugar planters per picul every year for the last two years is unknown to him what he helped to collect was the one peso per picul for the Incentive Pay to those who milled their sugarcane early in September and October. So I will have to talk to Montelibano.

Received information on Customs anomalies from Antonio Marcos, my second cousin who is a superviser in the Bonded Warehouse Division of the Bureau.

We must arrest some of the leaders of the syndicate in the Bureau and the big-time smugglers in Cebu.

Amb. Farolan wired that Pres. Suharto and Minister Adam Malik are happy about martial law as it assures their northern boundary (of Indonesia) of a strong bastion.

Directed the trial by military tribunal of dollar blackmarketeers today.

Cong. Ali Dimpaporo arrived from the Middle East and report the initial adverse reaction to martial law changed to a favorable one. We need him to help stabilize the two Lanaos.

Ex-Gov. Udtog Matalam sent word he does not want to surrender through Cong. Pendatun. So I am sending Gen. Ver alone with Gen. Cajelo.