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Tuesday, October 31, 1972

Joe Feria was flushed. “There is again another version by the Steering Council, different from what we had read last Monday,” he complained.

Brod Komong Sumulong later came by and told us that the Steering Council did not meet today and has not yet finished its revision of the draft Constitution of yesterday.

Dr. Jose Leido asked me if I was going to introduce amendments.

“What for?” I asked facetiously. The old man chuckled understandingly.

Actually, I had meant to introduce amendments. I had even told Adolf Azcuña that I would want to put on record our thoughts on the Constitution. But now….

Well, what’s the use? Were Johnny Luna and Mat Caparas—two brilliant lawyers whose friendship I cherish—right in not taking the Con-Con seriously? They have given up for a long time already. I have not really seen them. But then should we not be actively involved in the actions and passions of our time, as Justice Holmes had advised, lest in the end we be judged not to have lived?