November 3&4, 1972

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10:30 PM

Nov. 3& 4, 1972

Friday and Saturday

Malacañan Palace


I could not write my diary yesterday as I had an operation by Dr. Mathay for hernia in the eye through the supraorbital and infra orbital fascia

resulting in fat collecting in the muscles resulting in bags or distortion of the lower lids as wll as drooping upper eyelids which has caused me eye strain and headaches.

The operation started at 8:20 AM and ended way beyond 12:00 AM yesterday.

The local anesthesia that was used was not used with adrenain and so did not last too long. Part of the operation was done in exquisite pain specially the suturing.

But I refused to take Demerol and other hypnotics as I do not wish to take any drugs that may affect my mentation.

Then I had a bad allergy from the antiseptic used on my face. My skin burned. But I did not tell the doctor until after


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Nov. 3rd & 4th

Malacañan Palace


that can be developed to produce by the prisoners who should be treated not as prisoners but as settlers with the Armed Forces retirees.

I also worked on the constitutional amendments. And referred to Dr. G[   ] de Vega my notes.

I attach some notes I made.

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