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November 5, 1972

11:25 PM

Nov. 5, 1972

Malacañan Palace


Back at the Palace from the boat 777 because of the reported Typhoon due to hit us with 60 kilometer winds tonight. But up to now no winds but only intermittent rain.

We slept in the 777 off Talaga last night. Or rather we were there by 6:00 AM and slept before that. We were anchored off the pier inside the breakwater until we left for Talaga about 3:00 AM.

My face is still swollen and my eyes half closed.

But I saw television and read.

Worked on my sequel to Today’s Revolution, while directing the routine of economic development.

Since I have dedicated myself to protecting our people from the bloodshed, the shattered hopes, and [   ], the wrenching pain of war, I am always greatly affected by war.

Seeing Ryan’s Express (a escape and war picture) made me tense and high-strung.

I attach messages.