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November 14, 1972 Tuesday


12:00 PM

Nov. 14, 1972

Received the credentials of the new ambassador from Ceylon.

Directed the acceleration of efforts in the GATT, LTA and EEC-ASEAN consultations to DFA, Finance and Trade.

Sol. Gen. Estelito Mendoza reports that Justice Fred Ruiz Castro has the decision upholding the constitutionality of RA 1700, the Anti-Subversion Law with only Justice Fernando dissenting and Zaldivar riding the fence but the justices would not allow him to promulgate it. I have asked him to expedite its promulgation.

Met Mrs. Primero, wife of the deceased doctor (killed in Marawi by the Muslims). She says the civilians in Marawi participated in the uprising.

I have ordered the Marawi Police to be taken over by the PC and a strong officer assigned to supervise both Lanao del Norte and Lanao del Sur.

Interview by the Japanese correspondents 12:00 – 1:30 AM.

They were principally interested in the Japanese straggler in Lubang Island, Lt. Onada, Martial Law (the New concept), Vietnam, Phil. –Japanese relations, etc.

Sen. Fulbright is at it again. He has sent two men from his committee on foreign relations to check on Korea and the Philippines.

They seem to be prejudiced and have set notions of criticism.

But I am sure we can meet all their doubts. They plan to meet with the opposition leaders, perhaps Gerry Roxas. We have to show them the records of the plans of the Liberal Party, the meetings at the house of the Gerry Roxas (the Villalon testimony) and de Leon on the Samar training camp – the Adevoso coup d’etat plans, the tie up with
Larry Trackman, Pucius, Lehman on the assassination conspiracy and take over of govt.

Terry Adevoso surrendered this morning. He was shocked by the outline of the evidence and pictures he was confronted with but denied everything. He will be kept at the Veterans’ Memorial Hosp.

His chief assistant in the coup d’etat plans, Jimmy Piopongco was arrested two days ago.

The rightist coup d’etat plans using radical elements to set the atmosphere of anarchy and the plan to pre-empt the revolutions leadership must now be unmasked for all to see — including Fullbright.

And we have to spare no one.