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November 27, 1972 Monday

(Office of the President of the Philippines)

12:25 PM

Nov. 27, 1972

Final meeting for the call to a plebiscite on the constitution of 1972 – on Jan. 15, 1973.

Cope and Prod meeting — Explained the deficiency in the medium level management and supervisory requirements.

The marines in Camp Sait, Sulu, in assaulting Sibalo Hill, lost 14 men KIA, 21 WIA yesterday. They were able to extricate themselves only after an air strike of the F-5’s and F-86. I attach report.

So I ordered ground troops to stop the operations until they have been reinforced by the battalion from Kapatagan. In the meantime air bombardment and if necessary napalm.

I attach my order.

Paid last respects to the late Gen. Calixto Duque lying in state at Camp Aguinaldo. He died Friday.

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