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November 29, 1872 Wednesday

(Office of the President of the Philippines)

11:25 PM

Nov. 29, 1972

Met Udtog Matalam Jr., his sister Bai, their mother, Atty. … and Bai’s husband, Delegate. .

I asked them to bring Ex-Gov. Udtog Matalam to confer with we inasmuch as he symbolizes the Mindanao Independence Movement and he should publicly state his support for the Republic.

Cong. Sarmiento during the Congressmans conference after the signing of the decrees amending the Charter of the Central Bank and The General Banking Act, told me that Udtog Matalam has asked him (Sarmiento) to bring him (Matalam) to me.

At 12:40 AM I met with the governors and city mayors up to 3:00 PM.

In the afternoon I watched the demonstration of the Marchetti plane in acrobatics. The Air Force wants 30 of this for training after basic and before jets. They cost $70,000 each but I want the manufacturers to set up a factory here.

The OB-10 (the U.S. Bronco) costs $700,000 each.

Then I tried out Delta’s Tamaraw and looked at the new twin-engine Bell Huey at the cockpit. Imelda is excited about the helicopter as she used it first to go to Canlubang about a week ago.

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