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April 4, 1973 Wednesday

Written Thursday while waiting

waiting for dinner for

Jacob Rothschilds of England.

7:30 PM

April 4, 1973


Conference with Secs. Ponce Enrile, Romulo and Tatad and the military.

  1. Military assistance from U.S. We will write the U.S. government through Ambassador Byroade that they have not helped us in a substantial manner now that we are hard up in Mindanao.

This will lay the premise for hard bargaining on the military agreements.

2. Sec. Tatad will release the hard facts of the fighting in Mindanao including our losses and casualties —

what towns are held by the enemy and their losses.

3. I brought Dr. Dr. Alumin Glang as well as Datu Blah Sinsuat and his wife Esther into the conference to formalize their appointments as negotiators. I gave them written authority.

Dr. Glang will convoke the religious leaders and use them to negotiate peace.

Appointed for the other provinces.

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