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April 21, 1973 Saturday


12:00 P.M.
On Board the 777 on a party
for Evelin Rothschild after
which we sleep on board to
make up in Lunbonas and then
to Talaga

April 21, 1973

Woke up at 6:30 AM to leave for San Fernando by car arriving there at 8:45. Imelda, Bongbong, Evelin Rothschild and the rest came to San Fernando by plane. Evelin Rothschild stayed to water ski with Neling, Ricky, Bongbong and me.

Left the water at 10:30 AM. Took off at 11:25 AM. Landed at 12:10 AM. Lunch with Evelin and Imelda at the Music Room.

Evelin is in addition to heading the Rothschild Bank in London is Chairman of the Board of “The Economist” which has an Economist Intelligence Unit. I have asked it to send a team of two men to see where the English can be of help of hand on New Town Planning.

He is also interested in the Manila Hotel and the spreading out of dollar reserves and gold stock — away from the U.S. banks.