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May 24, 1973 Thursday

1973 Marcos Diary Black Book_Page_089.jpg


Written at 2.00 — A.M.

May 25th we have

been listening to Van

Cliburn’s recitals and

concerts with symphony

accompaniment under



May 24, 1973


Malacañan Palace


–Issued order for traders and millers to reserve 20% of their usual stock for the government at ₱30 per 50 kilo cavan of palay.

The PC Prov. Commander is directed as agent of NGA to enforce the order.

The government will take charge of the efforts at production.

We are now planning on a 2,000 bed hospital to replaced the present Phil. Gen. Hospital.

DBP — Reorganization along corporate lines with a duly authorized president.

Interview by [illegible] Shinbun.

I announced a referendum next November for the determination of when we have a legislature.

Interview by Danish TV.