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July 27, 28, 1973 Friday & Saturday, 11:00 pm July 28th

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11:00 PM July 28th

July 27, 28, 1973

Friday and Saturday

Malacañan Palace


The referendum vote is overwhelmingly Yes. And a great percentage of those qualified registered and voted -about 80% to 95% registered and voted. A similar percentage may have voted yes.

And Imelda was worried that the people may vote against me and my administration.

This is the first time I have won a popular mandate without working for it. No campaigning. No speeches. No expenses. And no headaches.

With this new popular mandate I can appoint a successor and a Legislative Advisory Council. I can move more forcefully in what could be controversial issues like the appointments to the Supreme Court and the Commissions of Audit and Civil Service.

1.Negotiations with Americans on military and economic matters.

2.Negotiations with Malaysia and the Sabah leader, Tun Mustapha.


July 27th and 28th

Malacañan Palace


3. Organization of a government national trading corporation to handle all exports and imports.

4. Creation of a Department of Industry like the Mati.

5. Creation of a Department of Highways and a Department of Natural Resources.

6. Forcefully mount an information campaign the Muslim areas as well as foreign countries.

7. Tax reform.

8. Land reform.

9. Foreign policy:

Red China


10. Reorganization of the AFP

reorientation of its policies

Increase of its strength