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April 1, 1976

April 1, 1976

Ex-Pres. Macapagal has just announced tonight that he is seeking asylum in the U.S. Embassy.

Poor man. He must be a pitiful sight. A has-been trying hard to be noticed and to play Don Quixote de la Mancha!

If Ambassador Sullivan wrote the script, they deserve each other.

Is this why Amb. Sullivan left Manila for Washington so early last week when the military negotiations start April 12th.

The book written by Ex-Pres. Macapagal entitled “Democracy in the Philippines” is recast of the minority position of some lawyers and justices in the plebiscite and martial law cases started by Aquino no.”

Worse things have been said by Tañada, Diokno, Aquino, Salonga and [illegible].

We will ignore the incident ——–

I have asked USec Collantes to tell the American chargé d’affaires that there is a warrant of arrest or threat against Ex Pres. Macapagal and we will help him go whenever he wants to go –even to the U.S.

The chargé told Gen. Ver and USec Collantes that “Political asylum is out.” They must be embarrassed by the Macapagal “escape” to their premises.

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