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November 10, 1977


 Nov. 10, 1977

Jose Maria Sison was captured at 4:00 2:45 AM today at an Underground House , San Fernando, La Union (south of it near the [illegible] the new disco neighborhood).The team leader was Col. Ismael Rodrigo of [illegible] under the supervision of Lt. Col. Aguirre from PC and Zone P –[illegible] not know about it. Purely intelligence, it seems.

We are keeping him at PSC [illegible] for interrogation and follow-up operations. [illegible] volume of documents and grenades [illegible] operations were captured but apparently [illegible] escaped.

Saw him at 10:30 AM at the PSC social hall as he had asked not to be shot when he was captured because he had something to tell the President.

Still confident. Talkative. He admitted he had avoided being shot by shouting he would talk to the President.

Suggested I could use him.

He admitted contact between the CPP and the MNLF. Bragged that in two years they would have succeeded as there were three forces against me –the MNLF, the CPP and the CIA.

I told him he was like Ninoy Aquino –a man who lives in a world created by his own words, a braggart and a loud mouth.

And whe he protested that there [illegible] he could be used I told him [illegible] a temporary [illegible] and that violent revolution was not [illegible].

We had two hours [illegible] down and [illegible] in 1965.

I enclose the reports.

Conversation with Sison.