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Wednesday, February 19, 1986

Watched two short films—one on my unfavorite actor, Quadafy & one on how C.I.A. agents are made. [. . .]

Gov. Martha Collins of Ky. came by. She had a problem. It seems that our burocracy dictates how many employees the state must hire with regard to strip mining controls. We’ll put an end to that. The Gov. says the job can be done with fewer than the required number.

Dick Wirthlin came in with more polling figures. Mainly the news was good but it also revealed where the drum beat of press propaganda has it’s effect such as on defense spending & such. A great majority believe we are now stronger militarily then the Soviets: also no support for our helping the freedom fighters in Nicaragua.

George S. came by with some advance reports by Phil Habib in Manila. The situation with Marcos has worsened. The question really is whether he can continue to govern.

Over to the East room—a meeting with top industrial leaders past & present. We’re asking their help on the budget. Upstairs & Nancys home.