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Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Early in the morning, people began returning to their houses. People from the village contributed their share to the breakfast, although we ate late due to the time it took to cook and distribute so much rice.

We learned that three houses in Barangay Busdi were swept away by the expanding river going to the Pulangi. Later, people went down to Busay on the way to St. Peter where six trees had to be cleared from the road. The logs laid down for the road used by the logging companies destroyed the spillway, and shale slid down the hillside, blocking the access road completely. Motorbike owners worked pahina on road clearance, and opened a narrow path across the shale.

Zamboangita had no power and more importantly, the water supply was broken in several places. Water rose in the high school scholars’ dorm, but there were no floods with strong currents. Roofs were lost from the boys’ house and kitchen, but people were fine.

Back in Bendum, the children were cleaning around the house, especially by the out-kitchen and main path. It was a sunny day, and at moments I would catch myself enjoying the activity and finding it hard to realize we were clearing up after a typhoon. As it was a beautiful day, I walked to the brow on the western side of the village to see the Pulangi. It was the reddest I had ever seen it, with whole new gravel beds emerging.

That evening, children studied until 7:45 pm, and returned to the dorm very tired. There were still some people from the village in the dorm, and one extended family returned to the school. There were some thunder bursts through the course of the evening as the day had been warm, and at night rain came again, but it was gentle