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May 12, 1942

What a day! For today I evacuated to Little Baguio. Rode up on a bus with Major Berry. Got everything belonging to me brought along. Also everything in the R.W. so I can continue to hold sick call. We will be a separate detachment, camping in the bodegos [bodegas], belonging to the Ordnance. They are buildings made of galvanized roofing with cement floors. So will be comparatively dry and comfortable. Will be with Baumgardner, Bye, Lewis, North, Berry, Craig, Schwartz, Gillespie (CO), Sitter, Dorsett, and Watrets. Will be very nice! Had creamed fish with onions in it on our rice tonight. Had tea to drink. What a supper! Everything looks better. People remaining at G.H. #2, now a prison camp, are being enclosed in barbed wire.