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June 1942: WW2PH 80 Years After

President Quezon received an ovation when he appeared in a New York at War parade shortly after his arrival in the United States June 13, 1942

In commemoration of the 80th anniversary of the outbreak of World War II in the Philippines, we have compiled the diary entries for May, 1942, the fifth month of the war, along with other interesting material, in the hope that this will help interested readers to get a sense of the of that conflict.

Each date contains the relevant entries as well as materials culled from different sources of information:

  1. The World War II Timeline prepared by the Official Gazette; these entries are in bold. these give an indication of the Filipino point of view.
  2. Various documents and photographs from the Quezon Family Collection.
  3. War and resistance in the Philippines, 1942–1944, by James Kelly Morningstar (Naval Institute Press, 2021). This is in italics

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June 1942: “Remember the Philippines!”

6/1/42 Day 176

Address of Jorge B. Vargas Chairman of the Executive Commission, delivered on the occasion of the inauguration of the Training School for Constabulary Officers, June 1, 1942

Speech of Major General Yoshihide Hayashi, Director-General of the Japanese Military Administration, at the inaugural ceremony of the Training School for Constabulary Officers, June 1, 1942

6/2/42 Day 177

Speech of President Quezon before the U.S. House of Representatives, June 2, 1942

6/3/42 Day 178

6/4/42 Day 179

Address of President Quezon before the Senate of the United States, June 4, 1942

6/5/42 Day 180

To foster better public relations, on 5 June the Japanese granted amnesty to tens of thousands of Filipino POWs as an advertisement of their good intentions and to bolster the workforce. The release also signaled to guerrillas that they too could lay down their arms and go home.

6/6/42 Day 181

6/7/42 Day 182

6/8/42 Day 183

Shizuichi Tanaka appointed as Japanese Military Governor (1942–1943)

6/9/42 Day 184

Memorandum by Mr. Carlton Savage, Assistant to the Assistant Secretary of State (Long), to the Secretary of State, June 9, 1942

6/10/42 Day 185

Letter of President Quezon to Honorable Cordell Hull, June 10, 1942

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in China ( Gauss ) June 10, 1942

6/11/42 Day 186

6/12/42 Day 187

6/13/42 Day 188

Letter of Honorable Cordell Hull to President Quezon, June 13, 1942

6/14/42 Day 189

The Commonwealth of the Philippines becomes a member of the United Nations

6/15/42 Day 190

6/16/42 Day 191

Eleanor Roosevelt, “My Day,” June 16, 1942

6/17/42 Day 192

6/18/42 Day 193

6/19/42 Day 194

6/20/42 Day 195

The President of the Philippine Commonwealth (Quezon) to the Secretary of the Interior (Ickes), June 20, 1942

6/21/42 Day 196

6/22/42 Day 197

Provisional release of Wounded and Sick Filipino Prisoners of War, June 22, 1942

6/23/42 Day 198

6/24/42 Day 199

6/25/42 Day 200

6/26/42 Day 201

6/27/42 Day 202

6/28/42 Day 203

6/29/42 Day 204

6/30/42 Day 205

Radiogram from Lieutenant Colonel Gullermo Nakar received by General MacArthur, June 30, 1942